Your business isn’t going to just pop into existence like the big bang! You have to invest time and effort to make it work. No matter how much you dream and desire your business you’re going to have to build it. This is probably obvious to most people yet their plan doesn’t include putting time into making their business fly.

If you are not putting time and effort into your business it’s going to fail. I’m not yelling at you and I’m not trying to make you feel bad but it’s the truth. Most of us who don’t put in the time or effort don’t skip this step because we want to but because we can’t help it.

Life gets in the way.

Kids, our main job, our favorite tv show, friends, family, chores …

It happens, but those things don’t have to hold us back. Do we just hold back on the above list? No, we just have to get a little creative to fill in our space. Don’t shun your kids for 6 months or your friends, but you still need to find that time.

Create time!

Your business is a job, and you should treat it as that. Would you skip work to see a movie with friends just because? No, you’d have to use your limited vacation time to do that or risk getting fired for not showing up. You should treat your business the same way. Again, I’m not saying become a recluse but create time for your business and stick to it!!! Don’t let anyone or anything take that time.

How do you do it? You can:

1) Wake up an hour or two earlier
2) Stay up an hour or two later every day
3) Do you have a commute to your 9 to 5
4) Do you have a lunch break at your 9 to 5
5) Use some tv time
6) Use some smartphone time
7) Do you have to be somewhere that you have to wait for someone


Let’s look at these from the top. The average person needs 7 hours of sleep, and many of us (myself included) get more. Wake up earlier, stay up later. Dedicate this time to your business. There are really cool ways to safely hack your sleep, Dave Asprey has some amazing tips in his book, “The Bulletproof Diet.” Trust me you won’t even notice if you wake up a little early or stay up a little later.

This is prime time for me. My kids are asleep and I can actually hear myself think.

Your commute

What about your commute? Mine is only about 20 minutes and I have kids with me the entire time. I do know many people who use that time to work on their business. Whether it’s listening to podcasts and taking notes or taking voice memos to do later. They use this time very successfully.

Lunch break

Do you have a lunch break that you can break away from your actual work and use it for something else? This is an amazing time for me. I’ll make my lunch or grab something quick. Sit down and start planning or working on something. This is an awesome time for me to get a lot of work done. If you have a lunch break, use it.

TV time

TV time? Are you really watching that show? Do you really care if they fix that car? You know that someone is going to yell at someone else and cause drama on Gas Monkey garage but they’re still going to finish it. Or, my favorite, do you really care what happens on the Batchelor?

Most of these shows don’t really matter their just wasting our time. I know, I know, I know sometimes it’s nice to turn off everything and just watch TV but if you’re not really watching the show to begin with, why not turn it off and do something that could change your world. Wouldn’t it be better to buy the car on Gas Monkey or visit the beautiful beach that they’re filming the Bachelor on? That’s our goal, that’s where we want to be.


Similarly, how much time are you wasting on your smartphone surfing Facebook, or playing Flappy Birds? Why not use that time on your phone and Brainstorm your next project, or come up with some advertising ideas. Listen to a podcast, do something that will take you one step closer to your dream instead of wasting it.

On a completely side note I find myself getting sucked into these time wasters all the time. It’s a constant battle with me. When I looked for the link for Flappy Birds, because I thought, “maybe someone might not know what Flappy Birds is, so it would be good to show you what I’m talking about.” Well when I found it you can play it online and I waisted 20 minutes sucked into that stupid game. So I decided against putting a link in this post. Don’t follow my stupidity, don’t play it!

Waiting on someone

Are you waiting on something or someone on a regular basis. Many of us have kids, and kids have practice, swim lessons, etc etc. We have to drop them off and many times it’s not worth doing something else then we find ourselves waiting for them. Bring your laptop, smartphone, or a notebook and do some work. Don’t just sit there and twiddle your thumbs waiting.

Most of these ideas are obvious but they really come down to finding wasted time in your day and redirecting that time toward your business. You must make your business important, you must give it time, and you must take steps every day in a forward direction.

Next, I’m going to tackle how to actually use these small segments of time and actually get things done.

Where can you find some wasted time in your life and how can you redirect your time?


Do what you can, with what you have, where you are! -Theodore Roosevelt